Are you feeling frustrated and realize that traditional marketing no longer works for you like it used to before?
You see all the new "shiny object" marketing strategies coming at you in your Facebook feed and wonder if they will work for you...or at all! Stop the madness, let's take the high road and get your brand seen above all the noise your competition is making where they are all over the place in their marketing messaging.
What if I told you that clients of mine who read this very message you’re reading now are discovering a unique way to stand out and become the “obvious choice”, simply by leveraging the power of 1 new and revolutionary technique that allows them to have their expertise amplified to a position of prestige. It’s a very unique approach to Authority Positioning that’s turning struggling Entrepreneurs or Sales Professionals into inspiring success stories.

As the Authority Positioning Coach, I help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity by amplifying their hidden expertise to a position of prestige & become THE go-to Authority & Expert in their industry.

You want to become a Recognized Expert In your field.

You may also want to find a “Blue-Ocean” marketing strategy that works and hardly anyone else uses…and perhaps even experience a powerful mindset-shift and gain self-confidence as well. First, make sure you…

RUN From These 3 Common Lies And Myths

There is a ton of bad advice out there when it comes to having a business development solution that does all of the sales “heavy-lifting” and receiving admiration and approval from friends, family and colleagues. For starters, you may believe you worry that even if you knew the blueprint to become a leading authority in your industry & separate yourself from the competitive noise…it would take way too much time. It’s a myth called the “Time-Deception” Trap, and I used to buy into that lie myself. However, the truth is I have a package that I execute for clients that just take 20 minutes of their time to build out 3 specific Authority Positioning Assets™

An Authority Positioning Portfolio™ is simply the collection of your Authority Positioning Assets™ which amplifiy your expertise to the position of prestige needed to be seen as an Expert. These assets include: radio podcast interviews, media mentions, book(s) customer reviews and more… 

Success leaves clues. That’s why I’ve spent over 7 years after completing my MBA in Marketing perfecting a precise & proven system for building Authority and Expertise. This led to a breakthrough; the premiere system to help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity that quickly delivers a simple solution that does all of the sales and business development “heavy-lifting” for them. 
It does it all …and all without spending weeks or months, in fact you’ll only need between 20-60 minutes TOTAL time (depending on the strategy you select) 
We have a special package called Authority Boost™ where we promote your business and get your Brand Authority visible in major media news outlets such as ABC, NBC, & CBS affiliates. Major firms will charge you thousands of dollars, but we can easily get you published and distributed through our connections for as low as $497 (one-time).

Why does this strategy work so well? In my online research I located 2 Laws: Milgrim’s Law: The marketplace will blindly believe the words of an expert. Zipf’s Law: With limited time and opportunity to experiment, your ideal clients intentionally narrow their choices to those that are on top. In today’s competitive market, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to maximize sales opportunities and keep your pipeline full of new prospects. Your company needs to augment your existing marketing process to:
  • Increase your exposure to your target market
  • Improve your Authority Positioning
  • Boost your sales conversion rates
  • Shorten your sales cycle and close deals faster and easier
I and my Team help entrepreneurs build & leverage their Authority Positioning and become recognized as an Expert in their field because they realize that this credibility OPENS more doors to CLOSING more business!

From speaking, generating quality referrals, commanding higher fees and closing sales easier! How do you think new prospects will perceive you when they land on your website and you have a radio/podcast interview sharing a solution to their problem and that you have been featured in the media? 

If you don’t invest in a formal Authority media campaign tailored to meet your unique needs, you risk losing market share to well-organized competitors.

BUT, are you curious to know what happens if you don't implement a strong Authority Positioning strategy in your business?
I prepared a quick guide for you and after reading this report, you'll NEVER look at the marketing industry the same again. Click to download
The Authority Boost™ package is the quickest and easiest way to spend 30 minutes and have powerful Authority Positioning Assets™ working for you. The package includes:
Full-length feature interview on my show on Business Innovators Radio (up to 30 min)
You will benefit from this because you will be able to use this powerful business interview link in your business development promotions to start your journey of building your Authority Positioning.

I will craft interview questions to focus on telling your story and attracting your ideal prospects to your business. This interview is syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker and iHeart Radio. It is also converted to an MP4 file and syndicated to YouTube. The SEO power of this syndication package is unbelievable!
Multi-media press release announcing your show has been published
This will be syndicated to dozens of news affiliates of NBC, CBS, & ABC news media websites. You will benefit from this because being mentioned in the media is powerful 3rd-party social proof to validate your brand.
Professional Review Branding Commercial (example)
 You will be given licensing rights to use the radio show interview and video commercial on your website and social media platforms. You will benefit from this because video promotion is critical today to engage your target market. Research shows that having a video on your home page of your website connects with your visitor better than text alone.
1-on-1 Coaching & Training on my proprietary Authority Selling™ System
Where you will use this Brand Boost to OPEN more doors to CLOSING more business for you! You will benefit from this because  once you see how easy it is to integrate your growing Authority Positioning Portfolio™, you will use it consistently. In an hour-long phone coaching session, your current business sales practices will be analyzed and you will be trained how to easily insert Authority Selling™ for rapid results!
You will be the obvious expert. Click the Contact tab to schedule a Complimentary Coaching Call or click below to purchase and set up this powerful package for your business.
Getting Media Mentions once in nice (and essential), but one time isn’t enough to establish the level of authority you’re going to need to be recognized as the foremost authority in your sphere of influence. To create a pattern of authority involves extending your reach, so you automatically become a more credible voice, leading to more influence with your prospective customers.

Continue to build & create an online presence as the recognized leaders in your industry. We accomplish this through a series of interviews focusing specifically on your core services, these interviews will then be used to create content specifically designed to position you as subject matter experts and leader in your industry. 

Imagine for just a second how it will look to your prospects and people they refer you, to see this level of authority positioning. Would it give you the leg-up over your competitors? I think so.
Case Studies
One day I was reviewing my interview archives and I Googled a previous guests’ name and business.
(I was actually testing some research I came across where it was proven that when someone hears of a business, 87% of the time the immediately do a Google search to learn more and look for reviews.)

Well it turns out that the Business Innovator’s Radio platform is getting so well-respected that Google has really been taking notice, so when I searched that interview guest….lo and behold, their interview was smack dab on page #1 of Google! 

So I searched another and another and guess what, same thing….they were all getting top Google positioning.

For example, Google “Henry Kaminski Branding” or “Jesse Miller Integrity Enterprises” and see how many Authority Positioning Assets™ are indexed! 

Also, click on each screenshot to view full image
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