My Authority Positioning Suite helps you become an Amazon bestselling author without writing a word!  Through the process, you have 7-10 Authority Positioning Assets™ built for your brand which serve as a long-term digital footprint for your prospects to discover.
If you don’t invest in a formal Authority media campaign tailored to meet your unique needs, you risk losing market share to
well-organized competitors.
In today’s competitive market, you need to use all the tools at your disposal to maximize sales opportunities and keep your pipeline full of new prospects. You need to augment your existing marketing process to:
  • Increase exposure in the market
  • Improve authority positioning of yourself personally and professionally
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Shorten sales cycle
Authority Selling™ includes concepts based on cutting-edge research by social psychologists and infused with marketing psychology principles of: Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity and others taught by Dr. Robert B. Cialdini in his groundbreaking book: “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” To separate yourself from your competitors you must stand out. This can take on many different forms, but the most effective way is to stand out for being a credible Influence and Authority in your field.
Research conducted by American social psychologist, Stanley Milgrim discovered “The marketplace will blindly believe the words of an expert.” The power of this Milgram’s Law is that you can become THE expert even if you are starting out from scratch, BUT you must know how to leverage this law with one from George Zipf. This law says that “your ideal clients intentionally narrow their choices to those who are on top.” You must understand how to leverage Milgram’s Law and Zipf’s Law along with your Authority Positioning Portfolio so that you can create a virtual “blockade” around your business to dramatically reduce your competitors from competing against you. 

Your prospects do not know what you know about your industry. Period. So when you can pre-frame your expertise with educational pieces of content from a radio or podcast interview, media mentions in news stories or the fact that you are a published author on the exact topic your target audience is in need of are pre-framed immensely with Authority Positioning!

Based on the NLP concept of Framing, a "Pre-Frame" is a powerful approach that allows you to strategically and subtlety let your target audience know what is going to happen and how they should think about it. When this is done in advance of them connecting with you, whether days or minutes, you are positioned as a credible Authority. Using this approach, you have the unique ability to use this science of setting your prospect's buying behavior.

Step 1

Develop Your Authority Positioning Platform™ {Competitive Advantage}

Step 2

Build Your Authority Positioning Portfolio™ {interviews, media, book} 

Step 3

Implement the Authority Selling™ Process 
Step 1
Develop Your Authority Positioning Platform™ {Competitive Advantage}
Step 2
Build Your Authority Positioning Portfolio™ {interviews, media mentions, book} 
Step 3
Implement the Authority Selling™ Process 
Most Consultants & Entrepreneurs are INVISIBLE to their target audience.
My solution is a 3-Step Authority Positioning Blueprint that helps them radically optimize authority & reputation to be SEEN as THE go-to expert in their field. This keeps them from being lost in a sea of noise & eliminates stagnant business growth…this is THE fastest way to grow their business!

The Authority Positioning 3-Step Blueprint

1. Authority Positioning Platform
Through my proprietary EMO-TRANSFO Clarity & Focus online exercise, your Competitive Advantage, Target Audience and Authority Brand-VOICE will come to life giving you the exact message- to - market for your book!

2. Authority Positioning Portfolio™
The most effective strategy for attracting high-paying clients & outselling your competition even if you feel you are a “Sales Introvert.” This will easily help you persuade your prospects without being “pushy!

3. Authority Positioning Process
I will coach you on exactly how to use your Authority Positioning Portfolio™ to “Open More Doors & Close More Business” and to “Pre-Frame” your expertise to elevate your brand to a position of status and prestige to allow you to close more business easier and faster. You will succeed with this Authority Selling™ approach!

When you have your Authority Positioning Portfolio™, you have a powerful tool that will easily help you persu ade your prospects without being “pushy”. Use you Authority Portfolio as an effective strategy for attracting high-paying clients & outselling your competition even if you feel you are a “Sales Introvert”! 

Imagine getting ready for a sales meeting with a prospect you have been working on landing for months. You realize that this sale would make-or break your quarterly numbers. You finally have the meeting set with their Management Team for next week. What if you sent each of them an overnight package with a professional cover letter intro expressing how the upcoming meeting will lay out your plan for their success, in the package you also include your Authority Positioning Portfolio™: 
  • Color copies of media mentions you have been featured in
  • Testimonials and Reviews from your raving fan clients
  • Flash drive with 2-3 radio and podcast interviews you have conducted as well as interviewing Influencers in their industry that they will recognize
  • A copy of your Amazon bestselling book with a professional color glossy cover featuring your name and picture and the title describes your solution that you provide to customers or companies that have similar problems.
When this package arrives a few days before your presentation, and then you arrive for the meeting, are you perceived differently than your competitor that they are also meeting with that week? This Authority Positioning Portfolio™ can also be delivered electronically for the sales presentations that are not as high-profile. You can set each of those items up on a page on your website with links to each item and send the sales prospect the link in advance of your meeting. Keep in mind, this is NOT a mass-marketing technique. The true power is to “Open More Doors to Close More Business.” So, whether you use it to get the meeting in the first place, or to “Pre-Frame” your presentation before you arrive, or even as a “drop the mic” moment to leave behind after the presentation…you will succeed with this Authority Selling™ approach!
Would increasing your exposure in your market benefit your business brand?
If your prospects saw you as the leading authority in your industry, do you think it would help you close a deal faster and easier?
Do you agree that having an “Authority Positioning Portfolio” including radio interview, press & media coverage and being a published author will improve your ability to generate quality referrals & command higher fees for your business?
Are you willing to integrate your “Authority Positioning Portfolio” into your business with an easy-to-follow process?
If you answered “YES” to at least 3 of the above questions, you are ready to proceed to the next step
Recommendations: To meet the goals, as outlined above, we recommend the following services as part of this project: 
You will appear as my guest on Business Innovators Radio Show, that is syndicated worldwide by iTunes, Stitcher & iHeart Radio. The interview is pre-recorded, and will be professionally transcribed and edited to be the content of the book project. We will have a pre-production call to discuss the focus which we recommend to be "1-Problem | 1-Solution
  • You will benefit from this because you will be able to use this powerful business interview link in your business development promotions to start your journey of building your Authority Positioning.
Marketing Huddle’s publishing arm, Higher Purpose Publishing, will convert the interview by professional transcription to use as your interview-style business book project. Our editing team will pull everything together and return to either approve or reply with comments/corrections. Upon approval, your content will be prepared for publishing on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback format.
  • We will also design the book spine, front and rear cover and send to you for approval
We will set up and execute a bestseller campaign on shortly after the book is published. We guarantee that it will reach a Amazon Top bestseller status in at least one specific category, and you will become a best-selling author.
Marketing Huddle/Higher Purpose Publishing will write and syndicate an article about you to ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliate websites and at least 20 more media outlets throughout the United States announcing availability of the book in both paperback and Kindle, and recognizing each author’s achievement of becoming a best-selling author. This Authority Positioning will give you massive credibility when used on your website and in speaking engagements.
  • You will benefit from this because being mentioned in the media is powerful 3rd-party social proof to validate your brand.
Marketing Huddle/Higher Purpose Publishing will create an email and social media marketing campaign to share every step of this process with your subscribers and followers. The purpose is to not only reignite their passion about your brand, but also to drive new sales, and set the groundwork for referrals.
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Project Timeline

Marketing Huddle’s publishing arm, Higher Purpose Publishing will execute this solution as proposed, our timeline for this project is as follows
  • Clarity & Focus Emotional Transformation Experience & Strategy call (plan on 45 minutes)
  • Interview Recorded (plan on 1.5 hours)
  • Interview Published
  • Interview Transcribed for Book
  • Content approved by client
  • Professional book cover graphics sent for approval
  • Book Published
  • Bestseller Campaign executed  
  • News Release Written
  • News Release Syndicated
  • Book publishing project assets delivered to client
  • Book marketing strategy guide delivered to client
PACKAGE OPTIONS: Elite, Prestige, Status & Accelerate.
 The Authority Suite Publishing Package delivers your Customized Authority Positioning Portfolio Assets. After you complete your application, we will discuss in our Strategy Session call your options based on your business development goals. 
I am excited to work with you to become an Amazon Best-Selling author...without having to WRITE a WORD! This Authority Positioning will help you leverage your Best Selling Author status to build Credibility and become recognized as an Expert in your field. Credibility OPENS more doors to CLOSING more business, from speaking, generating quality referrals, commanding higher fees and closing sales easier!
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