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What if I told you that several clients of mine who read this very book are discovering a unique way to stand out from their competition and become the "obvious choice"...simply by leveraging the power of 1 new and revolutionary technique called an Authority Positioning Portfolio™ which allows them to amplify their expertise to a position of prestige (easily & quickly!)  
Let me share how I came up with what many an Entrepreneur or Sales Professional calls "the definite system" for maximizing Authority Positioning Portfolio™. 
Success leaves clues. 
That's why I've spent over 7 years after completing my MBA in Marketing perfecting a precise & proven system for building Authority and Expertise.  
This led to a breakthrough; the premiere system to help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity that quickly delivers a simple solution that does all of the sales and business development "heavy-lifting" for them.

With an Authority Positioning Portfolio™ your business will earn:
  • Status
  • Prestige
  • Significance
The truth is, you can be seen as having the same level of credibility as top influencers in your industry just haven’t amplified your expertise to the position of prestige needed to be seen as an Expert. AUTHORITY SELLING™ solves that for you!
Becoming a recognized expert in your field is the key to long term success. Authority Selling™, shows you how to do just that
-Tom Hopkins, Americas #1 Sales Trainer & author of How to Master the Art of Selling and When Buyers Say No 

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- John Di Lemme , High-end Business Consultant & Strategic Business Coach 

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~ What if there was a way to be seen as an expert taking about 3 hours of your time. Would you want to hear about the solution? 

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~ What if you could not only understand your prospects' buying behavior, but actually control it? (ethically!)

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I want you to understand how I discovered this game-changing Authority Selling™ System. 
Hi, I’m Mike Saunders, an MBA Marketing Expert, as the Authority Positioning Coach, I help entrepreneurs break out of obscurity by amplifying their hidden expertise to a position of prestige & become THE go-to Authority & Expert in their industry.
I am the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, contributor to The Huffington Post, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities and 
member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business Coaches.

In my 8 years as the owner of my digital marketing agency, Marketing Huddle, I’ve watched as traditional marketing and even "new media" marketing has slowly become less effective. What used to work easily just a few short years ago, no longer works as well.  

There’s one simple reason for the MAJOR SHIFT that happened in marketing… 
Everybody’s doing it! If you just use the same old marketing techniques as the average Joe or Jane, how can you expect to get better than average results? 
You must CRUSH your competition by being the TRUSTED AUTHORITY & EXPERT.
As the Guru Greats Chet Holmes and Dan Kennedy are famous for saying…
“Salespeople have brochures. Experts have books.”
You need to be able to… 
  • Utilize unique and affordable marketing techniques and gain access to respected media outlets.
  • Position yourself as a trusted member in your industry, by using the lessons learned from this cutting-edge psychological research.
  • Land speaking engagements with other respected influential experts, so that your name also becomes synonymous with success.
  • Learn how "ZMOT" is relevant to building authority.
  • Pre-frame your own authority with the best exposure so that you can prove your value, even if you’re just getting started.
One little-known benefit of establishing powerful authority positioning is the MASSIVE shift in your MINDSET as you begin seeing your Authority Positioning Portfolio™ come to life!
Authority Selling™ 
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Authority Selling™
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The Authority Positioning that you need to maximize your credibility & trust, so that your prospects want to give you their money.

Powerful principles of psychology that you can use to leverage authority, social proof, and scarcity, to make more sales with less effort.

In this book you will not find sales scripts or how to overcome objections, there are plenty of other books that cover that. What you will find, is how to use your platform of Authority Positioning to separate yourself from your competition so that you become the obvious choice. 

The 60 Day Guide to developing your "Authority Positioning Portfolio". 

And much more!
The knowledge that you’ll gain from Authority Selling™ will not only transform the way that you approach your brand and build your authority, it will allow you to leverage the cutting-edge research that psychologists are using to build groundbreaking influence, control their prospects buying behavior, and make more money than ever before. But most importantly…
It will make you the go-to expert in your industry! 
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